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Oxford Bathroom is a full-service bathroom renovations Ryde contractor servicing the Ryde area for several years. Our team is composed of skilled individuals that have the ability to handle every aspect of renovation work right from design to finishing.

Once we know what you would like to achieve, we can go on to handle the entire project including the supply of materials so that you are free from any stress associated with renovation. We obviously will keep you informed about the progress made.

We usually provide you with timelines so that it is not just guesswork about when the project will be completed.

Only the Best Materials

We know that the materials we use will have a reflection on our overall bathroom renovations Ryde reputation and this is why we go in for only the best quality. We are in contact with a number of suppliers and we carry out research on the materials used to ensure they will last the test of time and they are worth your money. This, however, does not mean we will force you to break the bank for the project. We always try to work within your reasonable budget without compromising quality.

It’s All About You

Oxford Bathroom focuses on the need of the client and ensures that what we come up with right from design to finishing is something that will please you. We know that a bathroom is an important part of a house and renovation provides an opportunity to make it feel more comfortable, welcoming and relaxing. While we may provide expert guidance, most of the final work is done for our client’s satisfaction.

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