Bathroom Showrooms Sydney | The Real-World Example

In interior design, the execution is absolutely vital. Creating a striking new space is the task of your design team and their work alongside your install team, but translating design drawings in to physical spaces can be tough to envision. It isn’t always easy to grasp how something will look in wood, stone, and paint.

At Oxford Bathrooms, we strive to create spaces that you can be proud of. We design an execute bathroom and laundry room renovations that make the very most of your space, but we also realise the inertia before starting such a project can be paralysing. How do you know if it will turn out properly? That is where our Sydney bathroom showrooms come in.

Our two showrooms, in Brookvale and Thornleigh, offer our clients a first-hand look at our designs, in action. While we can’t physically shoehorn them in to your home for a look, the functionality of the layout, the elegance of the fittings, and the quality of the workmanship, is one full display.

With an eye to your space, here you can speak with one of our designers. They can point out any potential tripping points, the best methods of orientation, or broadly, how best to encourage a suitable fit. They have passion for their role, of course, but will happily engage you, in a pressure-free manner.

This is how we, at Oxford Bathrooms, offer our assurance that your bathroom or laundry room will turn out exactly as you desire it should. Pop in to one of our two Sydney bathroom showrooms today, and have a look at how our bathroom renovations turn out in the real world.