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The occupants of any home spend a surprising amount of time in the bathroom. It is a place of refreshment and comfort, and in the right surroundings, it can add considerably to your sense of well-being within your own home.

But it can add more. A modern, well-appointed bathroom can place a sizeable premium on to the value of your home, and it is often one of the first things that potential buyers look for when they are shopping for real estate. A modernised and enjoyable bathroom isn’t just a vanity project, it is an investment in real value.

At Oxford Bathrooms, we are a team of passionate builders and tradesmen, who have served Sydney and the surrounding area as bathroom remodelling contractors for nearly two decades.
A family-owned business, we have never lost our passion for our work or our devotion to craft, and every project and client is treated as though they are our first.

Our experience across Sydney has offered us insight in to the wide variety of bathroom preferences that exist here. From the classical to the ultra-modern, we are able to cater our designs and amenities to suit your home, your tastes, and your individual preferences.

As one of Sydney’s favourite bathroom remodelling contractors, Oxford Bathrooms is ready to create a bathroom that will pamper you. Contact our team or visit one of our showrooms today.

The stately city of Sydney is the largest in Australia, lying along the shore of Port Jackson and its numerous inlets. While it was founded and named by Captain Arthur Phillip of the First Fleet, the area was inhabited for thousands of years prior by local indigenous groups.

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